The Ghubrils


Hey there!

We're the Ghubril family: Chris, Alyssa, and Norah. We're embarking on life and ministry in southern Arizona and we're glad to have you joining us!

Big news! Alyssa is rejoining cru staff!

This is the letter that Alyssa shared with church staff and elders in July.

Over the last 18 months, Chris and I have devoted a significant amount of time to prayer over our future in ministry. I've been serving as Office Administrator and Ministry Coordinator at Northwest Bible Church since 2014. Chris is the Team Leader for Cru in southern Arizona and the Cross Cultural Training Coordinator for Cru on the west coast. It’s been my joy to serve at the church and I have also enjoyed my time volunteering with Cru whenever I can. When I took the job at Northwest in 2014, it was after two very exhausting years of full-time support raising with the goal of both of us being on staff with Cru. It was painful to leave official employment with Cru, but it became abundantly clear that God was leading us in a different direction and we were so thankful for the opportunity for me to work at church and continue to volunteer with Cru. However, my desire and call to serve God through the ministry of Cru has never fully gone away.

Today, even though this feels like really crazy timing, we feel very confident that God is calling me to rejoin full time staff with Cru and wrap up my employment with NWBC. In a lot of ways, it doesn’t take much faith for our family to continue on as we’ve been, with me working at the church and Chris working for Cru. But as we’ve been praying about it, we both felt a lot of confirmation that God was leading us to trust him and step out in faith. And then COVID hit and the church closed and the U of A closed and the economy tanked. It feels like a really crazy time to leave a steady paycheck and enter back in to full time support raising. But the confidence that this is God’s plan for us hasn’t changed and we are moving forward.

I will be managing Operations for the southern Arizona team, as well as seeking to launch and coach movements on the 64 college campuses in Arizona, helping serve the local team, and taking some administrative tasks off Chris’ plate so that he can be freed up to do the ministry he excels at and is passionate about. Chris and I really love working together and we are so excited to do ministry together full time again. Working two different ministry jobs has been complex and not very restful, and we are eager to move in the same direction again. One of the benefits for our family in this is that we’ll be able to take a summer and go live overseas and do ministry in our partnership country in East Asia, or spend a summer at headquarters taking seminary courses.

Chris has already begun to work on raising the financial support we will need for me to report with Cru and I am eager to join him in that task full time quickly. However I recognize that this is a weird time for us all as we begin to reopen the church, and I am committed to transitioning well and training up the next person as is prudent and helpful. My target date to make this transition is September 1. Again, Northwest is our home and we are looking forward to continuing to serving the body as volunteers and as partners in the gospel.

I’m so excited to step into this, but also feeling a lot of loss as I have dearly loved being a part of the team at Northwest Bible. Would you please pray for us as we embark on this new journey? Pray that the Lord protects us as we step out in faith, that he prepares us well for the ministry he has for us, and that he provides abundantly and quickly. We also pray earnestly for you and for our church.