About chris

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2011 with my degree in Microbiology. My ambition was to go to med school and make a ton of money, but when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, he called me into ministry full-time and I praise Him because His plan is definitely better than mine was!

In July 2021, I took a new role in Cru as the West Coast Field Director of People and Culture. I oversee the 26 campus teams on the West Coast, 6 international teams, and the West Coast People and Culture team. I am responsible to shape the culture of Cru by sending and developing missionaries, equip life-long followers of Jesus, and care for our people and teams. I'm a part of the core leadership of People and Culture in helping set direction and building capacity for all of Cru.

This greater scope means my vision and passion for the Great Commission has greater reach. Previously, I served as the Team Leader for Cru in southern Arizona, leading the team that was entrusted with over 150,000 students and working so that every one of those students has an opportunity to meet God. I also served as the Cross-Cultural Training Coordinator for Cru on the west coast.

I'm passionate about training missionaries to cross cultures so that they can share the gospel with those of different backgrounds. Through all of my roles, I've had the opportunity to speak to students around the country, lead mission trips in the US and abroad, and create evangelism and discipleship materials and resources.

about alyssa

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010 and felt the Lord calling me to intern with Cru for two years. I believe college is a crucial time in so many people's lives, it's certainly where I made big, life-changing decisions. I want every college student to have an opportunity during those important years to know Jesus and walk with Him. I had the privilege of working for our church as Office Administrator and Ministry Coordinator for 6 years, and now I work on the Southern AZ Cru team to use my operationally-minded gifts to reach every student in southern Arizona.

Chris and I met on the worship team in Cru while we were in college and we were married in 2011. I love getting to do ministry with my best friend!

about norah

Hi, I'm Norah! I was born in November 2017 and I love being a Cru staff kid! Most of my best friends are college students or Cru staff people and that's super fun! I love my puppy Rufus, eating mac and cheese, and going to the zoo. I really love the U of A! Bear down! University of Arizona, class of 2040!

about JUDE

Hi, I'm Jude! I was born in July 2021. I love the "Five Little Ducks" song, chowing down on hummus and avocados, and going on walks. I'm learning all about being a Cru staff kid and so far, I think it's pretty awesome.

about Cru

Cru was founded as Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951 by Bill and Vonette Bright. It started as a campus Bible study at UCLA, and it is now a global ministry that has a gospel presence in every country in the world. Our purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways.